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How to Get the Most Out of Your Social Ad Buy
How to Get the Most Out of Your Social Ad Buy

The rise in social usage makes implementing a social ad buy essential. Now more than ever, online users are connected socially. According to GlobalWebIndex, the average digital consumer spends...

Content Creation is “Step One” but it’s Audience Targeting that Pays the Bills

Round out your influencer marketing strategy by integrating audience targeting capabilities into your campaigns.

New White Paper: How Influencer Marketing Touches Every Step of the Customer Journey

Understand Influencer Marketing and the Customer Journey in a Whole New Way. Influencer marketing is the topic of the moment. It’s a form of native advertising that everyone’s talking about. It’s...

In Blogging for Business, Which Social Media Metrics Matter?
In Blogging for Business, Which Social Media Metrics Matter?

Measurement matters, but are you measuring the right social media metrics? Measurement plays a crucial role in any marketing campaign. Not only does it help to communicate a program’s success, it...

Marketers' Opportunity in 2016 is Huge, if They Can Move Quickly Enough

Marketing in 2016 is harder than ever. I clearly remember carefully crafting brochures in the 1990s as our number one marketing effort. Today, technology, including social media, has changed...

“Influencers” is a lie

The term “influencers,” as often used, is part of a great lie.

Identifying Influencers: It’s Time to Go Beyond the Low-Hanging Fruit

Identifying influencers for your campaigns won't be easy, but it's crucial to find the right ones. START WITH PEOPLE FIRST! We’ve mentioned before our fondness for Forester's POST methodology and...

Learning the Language of Emojis

In an increasingly mobile world, we're breaking down 3 Reasons Why Marketers Should Learn the Language of Emojis. Aside from the occasional use of a simple or to ensure the recipient understood...

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