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Introducing The Influencer Content Targeting System™

The industry is about to change with a new influencer content targeting system developed by carusele. Influencer marketing as we know it has come a long way since the first semblance of this...

How Influencer Marketing is Making an Impact in the Cause Marketing World

The rise of influencer marketing has paved a new way for cause marketing initiatives. Influencer marketing is no longer the shiny, new trend it once was. Heading into 2017, 48 percent of marketers...

Get Creative with Your Creative: How to Use Influencers to Enhance Your Creative Strategy

Providing your influencers with an even balance of direction and creative freedom can elevate your creative strategy. As Influencer marketing becomes a more common practice, brands and agencies are...

Brands Aren’t Going to Like the FTC’s Next Move on Influencer Marketing

The FTC continues to send warnings, but it won't be long before someone gets more than a hand slap. For nearly eight years now, the Federal Trade Commission has been consistently, but somewhat...

Social for Seniors: Grandpa May Not Have Instagram, But That’s no Reason to Forego the Influencer Marketing Strategy
Social for Seniors: Grandpa May Not Have Instagram, But That’s no Reason to Forego the Influencer Marketing Strategy

You may be missing crucial opportunities if you're not targeting seniors on social media.

3 Influencer Marketing Watch Outs to Ensure Your Campaigns are On Target

These influencer marketing watch outs are crucial to a successful campaign.

9 Ways Lifestyle Brands Can Maximize their Influencer Marketing ROI

If you're struggling to prove influencer marketing ROI, these tips can amplify your campaign results.

Help us Make Red Noses Even More Contagious!

We’re on a Mission to End Child Poverty and to get Your Office Involved with Red Noses! Yep… that’s me (in the middle)! And I’m here to show you that I’m not afraid to support my clients in any way I...

Carusele Wins Small Agency of the Year at the Shorty Awards

Raleigh Influencer MARKETING Agency Takes Top Honors at Shorty Awards Influencer marketing agency Carusele received top honors at the 2017 Shorty Awards, where they were honored as Small Agency of...

Carusele Wins in Shorty Awards & Honored in Webby Awards

Shorty Awards and Webby Awards award Carusele wins this past year.

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