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The Risks and Rewards of Influencer Live Streams

Curious if you should start investing in influencer live streams? This past week on The Spin, Erin Ledbetter took some time to discuss the risks and rewards brands take when letting influencers go...

Carusele Develops New Assessment Outlining 25 Ways to Measure Influencer Marketing


The Magic Number of Influencers Needed to Running an Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign

"How many influencers do you need to run an effective influencer campaign?"   It's a question that many marketers across the industry continue to ask us time and time again. The answer, however, is...

Marketing Internship - Cary, Raleigh/Durham

Hey students and recent grads! Are you interested in working for 2017’s Small Agency of the Year? Carusele is a cutting edge influencer agency spun out of Ignite Social Media – The Original Social...

Influencer Marketing: What is the True Definition?
Influencer Marketing: What is the True Definition?

What is Influencer Marketing?   Influencer marketing is the practice of using individuals with large followings on social media platforms (blogs, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) to include a specific...

Ignorance, Apathy Or Greed? Why Most Influencers Still Don't Comply With FTC Social Media Guidelines

This article originally appears on, on April 27, 2018

How to Easily Spot Fake Followers on Instagram and Other Social Networks

Make sure your Instagram influencer marketing campaigns are successful with these five simple ways to spot fake followers.  

4 Steps to Take if Your Influencer Doesn't Comply with FTC Guidelines

It's essential that brands make a reasonable effort to ensure influencers are following FTC guidelines.   Previously on an episode of The Spin, we discussed the brand's requirement to follow FTC...

What to Consider When Developing Influencer Contracts

Should marketers begin to change the way they develop influencer contracts?  

7 Signs You May Need an Influencer Marketing Agency

Have you been thinking that it might be time to hire an influencer marketing agency instead of doing the work in-house?